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The Sandbar Sarasota Wedding

This wedding.. literally left me breathless. Beach Weddings are always such a joy to photograph, but for us, what really makes something special are the people who make the images. These were some of the nicest, most thoughtful, caring group of people that I have ever met. A few of you out there may know awhile back we had a huge heath scare with Andrew, leading to a triple heart bypass, yeah you read that right! Thank God, now everything is wonderful and everyone is healthy. At the time, I had just found out I was pregnant, about 8 weeks, and I had this very wedding to shoot about two days after his surgery. To say I was a little overwhelmed is quite the understatement.

Being the professional person that I am, I showed up with my second shooter, focused, and ready to work. I had let the bride, Paige, know what had happened with Andrew so she wouldn't be caught off guard when a different second shooter showed up. A wedding is the bride's day, so when Paige, her husband, and entire sides of both their families gave me so many hugs and asked how Andrew was doing, it literally almost brought me to tears. I knew right off the bat, it was my job to deliver the most amazing images to the most amazing couple, and the images did not disappoint.

I initially thought this would be the hardest wedding I've ever had to shoot, but in all honesty it was the absolute easiest. There was so much love, so many good people, and the most amazing sunset that I have ever witnessed. As I was photographing their portraits, I felt so honored in that moment and so lucky to be there at that time. I can't wait until this couple comes to Florida for another visit as it would be my absolute honor to photograph them again

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